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Monday Musings: Fans, Fangirling, & An Announcement

Monday, March 23rd , 2015
Spent some more time this past weekend amongst my fellows, slinging product as we do and meeting up with existing fans and hopefully making new ones. The event was the Detroit Indie Author Mashup, organized by This Redhead Loves Books. I had a great time, and was able to “debut” the beautiful new covers for the original Jack & Sara Trilogy from The Stewart Realty series.

I also got a fresh look at how some successful authors present themselves at these things, how they pick and choose from among the many “multi author signing events” available these days and how they use (or don’t use) signage, giveaways, “swag,” and other gimmicks. In my quest to stay fresh, and to spend what money I have wisely, I’m always seeking this sort of knowledge. I struck it rich because my next-door-table-mate was Meghan March, a USA Today best selling author who had some great advice and was willing to give it. Always a treat when someone as successful as she is willing to spill a little of her “how I did it” words into my rookie ears.

Met this amazing lady, an author from Saline–Claudia Whitsitt & her amazing coffee-hero spouse.

With Dawn, one of my most favoritist fans.

With local author A.M. Griffin (I love meeting people face to face I’m buddies with online!)

With another newer fan, Ginelle.

My next event isn’t until October 10, when I’ll be signing and selling and slinging at the Great Lakes Book Bash in Kalamazoo so mark those calendars! I will be debuting a hot little number I call “VEGAS MIRACLE” in print there…..and speaking of….

I know I yammer on a lot about how I “don’t write formula romance,” and my plots are “unique and sometimes unpredictable.” While I write within some commonly known and beloved romance subgenres like “m/m” and “ménage” I usually add my distinctive real life twist to them. One of the very first books I had published was called Vegas Miracle. It features a m/m/f ménage – the first one I ever concocted—and is, hands down, one of THE steamiest books I’ve written. And for those of you in the know, that is saying a lot.

I’m not a huge believer in the construct that 2 men would willingly share a woman. Men are not designed for that, evolutionarily speaking. They are wired to propagate, to find more women, not to settle down and go halvsies with some other dude, even if they like messing with that dude too (“side bonus for the bi-sexual man”). Most of my “three-way” plots involve situations where the “third” is thrust into the situation/couple by necessity. 

But this is something I wrote with an eye toward “just trying it”–the menage theme.

What emerged is something that contains seriously white smoking hot scenes, and three people who come to find themselves enjoying not only each other’s company “in bed” but also each other’s emotional support during various trying times for each of them.

Yeah, it’s a little angsty at times but hey, it’s what I do. I guarantee you that you’ll require cold shower/alone time throughout the reading experience so I thought it was high time this steamy number got re-released into the wild.

Here is the blurb:
Ryan and Grace Sullivan have all the outward indications of a happy life: money, success, an undeniable physical attraction that quickly evolved from whirlwind relationship to marriage. But lately, Ryan’s become moody and distant. As their relationship starts to crumble, Ryan discovers something about himself he can’t admit just as Grace realizes the young man she encounters at an invitation only party, Henri Christophe, a celebrity chef with the most successful restaurant in Las Vegas, is her husband’s lover. But Henri holds a secret himself. He wants to be more to both of them.

As they attempt to make their unconventional arrangement work, Ryan’s deep-seated fear of relationship failure continues to thwart everyone’s happiness. When he finally walks away instead of confronting the emotional connection the trio shares, he returns to find their lives flipped inside out. A sought after hotel and resort consultant, Ryan has yet to meet a problem he couldn’t solve. But when it comes to his own heart, he may be too late.

Intrigued enough to snag an Advanced Review Copy of the “new and improved” Vegas Miracle? You can, as long as you promise to review.

Agent Hunt Update: One fresh rejection over the weekend but I did get one of them to respond back when I said “But whyyyyyyyyyy?” or something to that effect. She encouraged me to pitch directly to someone at a convention. Well, unless they have those wherever my kid is playing soccer this summer, that’s not happening I’m afraid.

Segue to Kid Bragging Moment:
Numero Dos got into all the schools she applied to INCLUDING the University of Down the Road (I.e. “Michigan”). We are very proud.

Numero Uno made it back alive and sunburned from Panama City Beach Spring Break, yo. He’s in a downhill rush to graduation from Central Michigan this May and will head to the University of Tennessee Pharmacy School in the fall.

Soccer Wenchling’s team qualified for the U.S. Youth Soccer National League final tourney, thanks to their excellent play in North Carolina and Orlando last year and to the way the 2nd leg of quarter finals went in Las Vegas. So…..we are Oklahoma bound in July it would seem.

March Madness News: 
My team is still in. Is yours?

Make it a great week, Liz fans and others!
Tiffany, the “Redhead” who loves books on a panel discussion of “marketing” or in my case “What not to do online.”

Spotted in the parking lot after the event.


Monday Musings–OR Why Not Me?

Monday, March 16th , 2015

Monday Musing:After a wonderful whirlwind trip down to Myrtle Beach for the Authors in the City book signing, I’m back at it, slinging promo instead of directly slinging product, while simultaneously continuing my ongoing Master’s level study of “how d…


Exposed by Rage, by Sherrel Lee

Monday, March 16th , 2015


by Sherrel Lee



He has a dead body.  She has the seedy connections. To solve the crime they are forced to work together.

To keep her mother’s reputation from destroying her, Ashley Dix Gibson had to learn at an early age to persevere and tune out the lies, gossip, and the bullies.  Detective Michael DeMarco has no desire to team up with a woman with ties to the underbelly of the porn industry but if he wants to solve his case, he has no other options. When Ashley and DeMarco combine their resources to find a brutal killer, sparks of distrust turn into the fires of passion.



The house was large.  Actually–more than large.  A mansion with dozens of rooms upstairs and many more on the ground floor.  I took the long way, thinking I would give a light tap on Jillie’s door, just in case she was in and maybe had company keeping her occupied.  There was a staircase, just past Jillie’s room, down to the kitchen.  More for the use of the household staff, but Jillie didn’t have anyone who lived in so it was only used when the help came on their usual days.

 Sucker punched.  The odor.  Undeniable.  Unmistakable.

Knowing it wouldn’t make a difference, I prayed to the gods for a break.  There wasn’t a chance it was anyone but Jillie, but for once, I found that small molecule of hope glowing in my heart.  Hesitating, just for that moment, I gathered my strength.

The master suite was down a short hallway opposite the dining room.   The hallway narrowed and lengthened.  A scream inside my head ordered my legs to move.  Great, now Master Sergeant Craven was in my head.  I forced myself forward. 

I knew what to do at a crime scene.  I’d been an MP for the last four years and had seen more than I wanted to.  

My stomach rolled and pitched.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Wrangler of a fearsome Yorkiepoo named Rogue (Half Yorkie half Poodle weighing in at a hefty eight pounds). Obsession controlled writer with a passion for making up names and twisting myths. 

 Sherrel, as the daughter of an Emmy winning cameraman, learned early in life the dark secrets of creating all those incredible fantasy characters for the large and small screen.

 Refusing to be crushed at the discovery the monsters, aliens, and Robby the Robot weren’t real, Sherrel’s imagination soared. She became a SELF-proclaimed voyeur of special-effects and expert at fictional character creation.

Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/1E4qlDv

Twitter: @SherrelLeeBooks (Romantic Suspense) @gryphoenix (Urban Fantasy)


WWPDD? Bringing It Around Full Circle

Wednesday, March 4th , 2015

Have you ever had one of those “how the heck did I get here?” moments?I mean, bear with me here, but honestly when I was in high school and college no one ever said to me, “Hey, Liz did you know that you’d sell houses for a living one day?”or”You’ll gi…


Dealing in Disappointment

Saturday, February 21st , 2015

The Big D—–Disappointment.It’s one of the toughest realities around, isn’t it?Our first ones come early in life. We don’t get the toy we’re reaching for. We can’t have the dog’s bone to chew on (why not? HE likes it!). We aren’t able to stay up late…